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Full Disclosure:

I was nervous about this photo session inside the Amway Grand Plaza a few weeks ago.  It certainly wasn’t the subjects…Liz is one of my favorite people in the world to be around and the love between her and Alejo is so beautiful that it literally will bring tears to your eyes.  It was the other two variables: lighting and exposure with nothing but dim tungsten lights and a flash and also the chaos of Artprize crowds.   But…this was the weekend they were in town and I was hyped up about the challenge of a “Vanity Fair” style engagement session that was both elegant and a little bit sexy.

Check these two out!  They brought the love.  I brought the camera.  We nailed it.

Liz_Alejo-8854 copyLiz_Alejo-9076Liz_Alejo-9288Liz_Alejo-9307Liz_Alejo-9260 copyLiz_Alejo-9272 copyLiz_Alejo-9179 copyLiz_Alejo-9225 copyLiz_Alejo-9186 copyLiz_Alejo-9207 copyLiz_Alejo-8879 copyLiz_Alejo-8868 copyLiz_Alejo-9132 copyLiz_Alejo-9410 copyLiz_Alejo-9397 copy

(Liz and Alejandro,

Looking forward to photographing your wedding in Colombia is a HUGE source of excitement.  Thank you for the invitation and the opportunity.  I can’t wait to be a part of it all.

SO Much Love,