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One of my friends and a great client, Ryan wanted to hire me to do some last minute portraits for him, sister Lindsey and each of their kids as a Christmas surprise for his Mom this holiday season.  Lyon_Reese-2522 copyThis posed a bit of a problem since we scheduled a cold and rainy day in early December.  I am mainly an on-location, outdoor photographer for this kind of family session, and as my business grows I am seeing the importance of having an indoor location to bring clients to during the winter months.  So, I piled all the furniture into one corner of my front room (I knew Ryan would overlook the mess) and set up my backdrop and lights for this session.  I was so pleased with the results that I’ve decided to officially turn that room into a small photography studio and office sometime in 2013.  It will involve some painting, the removal of most of the furniture and some doors to keep my 4 year old from distracting little kids, but it will be an effective way to meet with clients in a  warm, comfortable indoor environment for quick sessions with children, seniors and small family groups.  I am so excited for the possibilities that are already opening up for this New Year!

Happy 2013!  Many thanks to Ryan for being my test subject for the future home studio!